How much thought did you put into choosing your mechanic? If you are like most people, you went with the one that was recommended by your dealer, a friend, a family member or simply the nearest one in your neighbourhood. While this may sometimes work, if you want your car to be in top form at all times it is important to choose your car mechanic carefully. They are in charge of Car Contract Hire, checking your tires, making sure your car battery is in good working order and lots more. Unfortunately most people don’t know much about cars, which is why they find the nearest mechanic or go with one who is recommended to them. Before you allow a mechanic to handle your car ask the following questions:Have you handled this type of car before?

This may not matter very much if you drive a popular brand such as a Toyota or a Nissan, but it matters a great deal if your car is vintage or expensive. Some mechanics only specialize in common types of cars and may not be familiar with the ins and outs of less common types.

What can I expect from you during each visit?

Each time your car is serviced you will be issued with a card that shows you the next time you will bring it in. During a basic maintenance round you can expect to have your oil changed, tyres checked, your battery and contacts checked and cleaned, Used Peugeot 3008 in Southend check and replace air filters if necessary and also a change of spark plugs. These are the basic things that you can expect your mechanic to do during a regular visit, but from time to time you can expect your mechanic to do more.

How long will my car be gone?

This is important if you are a busy person who needs to use their car frequently. The best mechanics usually offer their clients a car that they can use while theirs is in the shop, but if you are doing something as basic as an oil change it only takes a few minutes so you can wait.

Do I get a warranty?

Many people overlook a warranty when it comes to car mechanics but what if you break down soon after taking your car in for maintenance?  You want to work with a mechanic who can send you a rescue vehicle and also repeat the maintenance and repairs for free.

What is the cost of maintenance?

This is important; some people will choose a mechanic because they are cheap, but you may want to rethink this strategy – what if they are cheap because they don’t have the right training or use the wrong lubricants and parts? It is best to find an affordable mechanic who does an exceptional job.

Lastly, look for a mechanic that you can communicate with – when your car has a problem you will have to explain what it is and he should be prepared to listen.

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