The strain known as Wedding Cake or Pink Cookie is as delicious as its namesake. Thanks to its award-winning genes, the strain is a potent one and has an explosive flavour. The emanating smoke is full of a sweet note of vanilla and is pleasantly smooth. This is followed by undertones of classic earth.

However, the appeal of this weed in not limited to its cent and taste but also its therapeutic and pharmaceutical properties. Wedding Cake has a high THC content of about 25% and has the capability to alleviate pain as well as mood.


Type of high experienced

Despite being an Indica dominant variety, in the beginning the high seems to have a sense of balance before descending into a full body surge which relaxes the entire system. This weed is also beneficial for people suffering from eating disorders as it is known to cause munchies.


Growing procedure

This is an excellent strain, bearing flowers in about eight to 10 weeks and is highly resistant to diseases as well as pests because of its dominant Indica. Amateur growers can take up growing Wedding cake as a challenge. It bears a stark resemblance to Indica in height and shape. They grow to a height of 80 to 150cm.

Though this variety is crossed with the Cherry Pie strain cherry can hardly be found in this strain’s flavour. Instead, one should expect elegant notes of vanilla full of sweetness while exhaling the smoke. With classic earthy undertones and a feel similar to pepper, the smoke is pleasantly smooth.


Points to keep in mind

To ensure that the seeds yield rich and thick flowers, a few points should be kept in mind. Firstly, calcium and magnesium must be fed to this variety of weed. During its growth period, a constant temperature of 21 degree Celsius should be maintained. Also it should be pruned regularly, so that airflow to its buds is increased. Sea of green techniques can also be used for growing it.


What are its dominant origins?

This variety of weed seed comprises of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa


Medicinal application of the herb

This strain is perfect for treating insomnia, stress , depression, lack of appetite and body pain. People who consume this weed experience euphoria, happiness, hunger and relaxation.


What are the side-effects of this variety of weed?

People who consume this variety of weed are sometimes known to experience anxiety, headache, dry mouth, dizziness and even dry eyes.


Buying wedding cake strain seeds online

Nowadays, cannabis seeds are widely available everywhere. However, you can buy wedding cake strain seeds online as they are even delivered discreetly to places where consumption of marijuana has not been legalized yet.

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