If you have been looking for a solution to the balding head or the thinning hair volume, hair transplant surgery could be your permanent solution from this problem. There are scores of different hair loss treatment in the market today; each of them having their own procedures, pros and cons. What would be the best hair transplant treatment for you depends upon your condition, hair loss area, dermatological characteristics and your medical history. This suggests that for every person with the problem of baldness, solution is going to be classified. Let us begin with that how a hair transplant surgery could be a source of relief and if there are any possible trouble attached to them.

What happens When Hair are Transplanted?

When a hair transplant in Karachi takes place, hair follicles that are healthy are harvested from an area where the growth is normal. This hair transplant graft is then transplanted into that area of the head where there is baldness or low hair volume.

How do these Grafts Work?

Since the hair we obtained were healthy, they contain the entire genetic makeup to grow in a healthy way.  These hair have resistance against the dihydrotestosterone which is present in the tissues of our body. Due to this resistance, the new hair will sufficiently resist the hormone and grow normally.

What is the Success Rate of the Hair Transplant Surgery?

The hair transplant surgery could be considered as a relief from the bald head or thing hair on the scalp.  Almost 99% of the time it has been successful.  But this level of outcome had been achieved through proper understanding of these procedures.

The guaranteed results of a hair transplant are

Your hair will certainly grow back. If your head has patches where there are no to less hair, this would solve your problem in a single go. The most revolutionized and effective hair transplant treatment so far in this regard is FUT hair transplant.

Source of your new hair is not artificial or from the animals as some of you might have anticipated. Hair follicles are drawn from the areas of the body where the hair growth is normal and it is inserted to areas in forms of 1 to 4 follicles in a single follicular unit in areas where there are patches of baldness. Given its proper time, the hair start to appear and grown healthy again.

It is a permanent solution. Formerly, people had to get touch ups and re-appointments with their doctors after some period of time. However, now the advancement has allowed giving once and for all solution to all the hair loss and baldness issues.

They look natural. Actually not even do they look natural but they are natural. They grow as normally as your normal hair do and look as subtle as your hair on the non-problematic areas of your head.

Despite the possible pros there are certain cons which are stated below

The procedure of the hair transplant, surgically, could be painful for the people. Certain people having medicinal complications cannot get every kind of treatment. Also, the recovery is slow; therefore, the person has to wait for weeks before he observes the change in his hair growth. Moreover, while you have recently got the surgery done, a particular care routine has to be followed. One is not at the freedom of experimenting a lot with his scalp skin with chemicals and hair products. After the surgery, one might face difficulty in sleeping and doing routine things that involves head. Plus, before you land upon any treatment the surgeon will inquire about your entire medical history. This, too, might be, discomforting for some people.

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