If we talk about exercises then there are hundreds of them which one can do, but there are few which are best for body building and gives quick result as well. So, here are few of the best exercises one can do if they are interested in body building;

  1. Olympic Squat:

This exercise is best for those who wants to have muscles on their legs, I won’t be lying if I will say that it is leg-developers favorite exercise. While doing this exercise make sure that your torso is straight and not bending and the bar will be set up high, so that it forces your knees. It is an old school body building exercise, it will give a really good shape to your legs. The best workout exercise for your lower and upper body is Gazelle Exercise Machine, this is one of the best cardiovascular exercise that will strengthen your heart and increase the blood flow.

  • Deadlift:

This is one of the number one and most common exercise for body builders, it is great for back development. If you want to add muscles to your back then this is the best way to get it. Instead of the back development, this exercise is also good for our hormonal response for lean muscles.

  • Bench Press:

Bench Press is also common and a very effective exercise for body building, it is like the basic one and people who wants to have a good muscular body are required to do this exercise. By performing this exercise, you can actually carry more weight than you actually can with your upper body. If this exercise is done regularly, then it can lead to a massive upper body muscle growth.

  • Over-head Press:

If you want to add muscles on your arms and triceps and all then this is the exercise for you. It is one of the best and overall exercise for your body. While performing this exercise there is one thing, which you should be sure about, that is you make sure that while doing the exercise your knees are not bend and that you are not doing a push press.

There are a lot of other exercises as well which you can check out at http://latpulldown.net/, which you can do for body building but these are the basics. If you want to have a good muscular body, then these few exercises are must to follow, they give quick and good result. These four exercises are like the pillar of body building.

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