Calves muscles are always the neglected muscles they don’t get as much attention as other muscles such as chest, biceps, and triceps gets. But in reality these muscles are as important as other muscles are. Bulky body with thin legs looks as horrible as having bulky legs and thin body. It looks inappropriate and out of proportion so these little ignorant calf muscles also need workout to stand out in perfect body figure. There are many exercises, plan of actions reps, ranges that helps in growing these babies.

If you are interested in growing out these muscles and need a proper guideline than then will help you not to get details about exercises and equipments.

            Two most effective exercises for calf muscles are standing calf raises and seated calf raises. These two exercises are way too much different from one another and always debated on about which exercise is more suitable than other. Both the exercises have different moves but have same goal to pack the calf muscles. These two exercises provide the right amount of stress on the targeted area.

Following is the comparison of both the exercises and how it boosts up the muscle gain procedure and shapes and tones up the leg muscles. This description will help you out in choosing the best technique for your muscles to grow.

Standing calf raise

Standing calf raise exercise can be done on many equipments like calf machine. This exercise mainly focuses on the knee angle. Straight leg position is required during these exercises no matter on which machine this exercise is done.

During the exercise fix the shoulders and feet under a pad and bend your knees a little without a slightest fraction in legs. Lower down the heels of the feet until you feel a little stretchy strain in your legs. Then by reversing your action flex up the calves and pushing it up with the balls of feet. This way it places stress on the gastrocnemius muscles. That lies on the back of the calf. These muscles are included in bulking up the calf. Training of this area will give thikness to the calf area.

Seated calf raise

This exercise has better results when it is performed with the knee angle of 90 degrees. This exercise put great stress on soleus muscles that also increase the thickness of the calf muscles.

This exercise is done sitting on the calf machine. Putt on the pads over the thighs with the knee level of 90 degrees. Then lower down the weight and then have a pause and then turn it up by the help of the ball off the feet. Turn it up until it contracts the muscles.

Final Words

Both of the exercises have their own perks and qualities but to achieve the maximum calf growth it is important to inculcate both the exercises in your workout routine, both the exercises will play their part and will increase muscle growth in the targeted area. Multiple training methods is the best strategy to get not only a bigger stronger calves but it will increase the muscle growth in the whole body.

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