Nicotine salts are a rage right now among vaping aficionados all over the world! Salts containing nicotine are known to offer an exotic vaping experience. Vaping with nicotine salts gives the exact feeling of smoking a cigarette that gives that nicotine rush!
Earlier smokers weren’t very keen to move over from their traditional cigarettes to smoking because according to them, vaping wasn’t offering them their desired nicotine hit.
But all is changed right now and the buzz regarding this product is highly obvious! As a beginner, here is all that you would like to know about nic salts.

What are nicotine salts?
Although a lot of us might be unfamiliar with these Nicotine Salts they have been there since the advent of Nicotine leaves, yes they are naturally occurring!  The tobacco leaves comprise of nicotine existing in two distinct forms, monoprotonated and diprotonated. The nicotine tries to bond with other molecules present in the leaves to form a more stable molecule giving rise to the nicotine salts.
The nicotine salts when used in vapes are alkaline in nature and thus absorbs much quicker.

Who should smoke nicotine salts?
If you are completely happy with your vaping experience and your existing product can satiate your nicotine cravings, then if you want you can try this product. However, if you are unsatisfied with the way your vaping experience has turned out to be, then go and grab this from a genuine seller.

What is the benefit of smoking vapes containing the Nic Salt E-liquid?
The benefits are countless, comparing to the regular e-cigarette juices and if you yearn to get more from your e-cigarette you should give it a try:

  • Ultimate satisfaction– as mentioned above, if you are looking for the rush of nicotine which you normally get from cigarettes and haven’t been successful getting it from conventional vaping liquids, then wait till you try this. Your complete perception of smoking e-cigarettes would change up to great extent, positively of course!
  • Save money– if you are looking forward to saving money and quit cigarette at the same time then here is the best thing for you! This delivers more tobacco in a single puff which implies you wouldn’t need to smoke for a longer period to fulfill your cravings.
  • No sensation of throat ache– if you are a smoker you would know how smoking both cigarettes and e-cigarettes hit your throat thus leaving it a little sore. If you smoke this vape juice, the sensation is curbed so that means even if you tend to smoke higher quantities of it, your throat wouldn’t be on fire!
  • Carry anywhere– the device which holds the nicotine salts as the liquid is teeny-weeny in size and would even fit in your pockets! That’s the magic of nicotine salts because they work great both for smaller and bigger devices.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the nicotine salts vapes are completely user-friendly and low maintenance. So if you like most others are yet to try this awesome thing in town don’t deprive yourself of the amazing yet healthier alternative of traditional cigarettes.

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