Getting a good night’s sleep should be as simple as closing your eyes and drifting off, but the reality is very different for most of us.  We know that there may be a lot of bad things in our lives that can create inferior seep. But how much do you really know about them?  In order to best take care of yourself, a healthy sleep schedule is important.  You know that caffeine is bad before bed, but what else is keeping you up at night?  More than you would think!


One of the worst causes of a restful sleep is alcohol.  A lot of people claim that alcohol makes them sleepy and a “night cap” is a great aid to getting off to sleep, but it’s actually far from the truth when you look beyond the falling asleep stage.  Alcohol may help you initially drift off to sleep. But the actual alcohol itself will disrupt your sleep during the night.  Your sleep will be lighter and you may even have night sweats or nightmares as a result. You’ll still feel drained and you’ll often feel achey and rugged since your body didn’t enter the deeper realms of sleep that are so important for healing and recuperating overnight.


Most people agree that smoking can be bad for you, and your sleep schedule is no exception.  You’ll find that nicotine is rich in stimulants, however, so if you light up before bed, you’ll find yourself staring at the ceiling, wide awake.  When you do sleep, it won’t be as restful due to the stimulants that are still working their way through your system.  This disrupts your healing process, similar to what is mentioned above.  Smoking can also give you sinus issues that increase snoring in its frequency and its volume.

What to do:

When you are looking at how to better your sleeping habits, the best thing to do is to make sure that you avoid both of these in the evening.  Experts suggest that you should give up both alcohol or smoking about 4 hours before going to bed.  Much like caffeine and sugar-rich foods, this amount of time allows your body the time to process it so that you won’t be kept up.  You’ll sleep better, too.

When it comes to the snoring and sinus issues, you may find that ENT doctors will be able to offer suggestions as well as some relief when it comes to dealing with these disruptive behaviours.  Both you and your loved ones will find that this consultation could make a worthwhile difference.

Your sleep schedule can be disrupted by a lot of things, so make sure that you take charge of it as much as possible by taking all of its contributing factors into consideration.  Both alcohol and smoking can have a negative impact on it, so understanding their respective roles will help you to get a better night’s sleep one wink at a time.

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