The vagina is the female sexual organ that is elastic and muscular. It extends from the vulva to the cervix and outer vaginal opening is covered with hymen. It acts as a channel for menstrual flow which occurs in the females every month. It is acts a path for child delivery and sexual intercourse. over a decade the vagina has been considered as a vital organ since many physiological functions and pathological spread of infection is associated with it. This is as due to a wide surface area that is exposed in the vagina.

Vaginal surgery may be undertaken to carry out caesarean section during baby delivery ‘ . the surgery may also be carried when there is a growth of tumour in the vagina that may be a risk to the life of a given individual. It is normally carried out using sterilised equipment and with qualified personnel undertaking the surgery. Many women who are to undergo the surgery are always fearful of undergoing the surgery especially when undergoing the surgery for the first time. This has been proven to be a myth because majority of the surgery involves the use of anaesthesia which paralyses the nerves and as result makes the process easy to be carried out without any pain up to the end of the process . in case of any pain after the vaginal surgery one is given painkillers that are used to suppress the pain.

In the current technological development there is an improvising the use of laser to carry out surgeries of which one of them is vaginal surgery. Using the laser to carry out the surgery makes the process to be faster and more accurate , this reduces the bureaucratic procedure that was being used initially accompanied with a lot of pain and also may result to complications and several side effects due to vaginal surgery. Majority of this surgery are carried in national hospitals which has been equipped with qualified personnel and with appropriate equipment . this makes the procedure to take less time and as a result little pain involved during the process.

There may be risks or side effects that may occur as a result of carrying out the vaginal surgery. This side effect s include: excessive bleeding while carrying out the procedure, may lead to damage to the bladders and ureters that drain the kidney, pain in the vagina while urinating and of course the surgery may have a risk of death. This shouldn’t be an issue because the possibility of this side effects has been taken care of and may be suppressed by the use of various drugs and sufficient care given to those undergoing the process.

From the description given it is evident that vaginal surgery is not a painful procedure . the people who perceives it to be a painful procedure should demystify their thinking and encourage the people to undergo the surgery when in critical conditions and more so encourage them to go and get it carried out in hospitals with qualified personnel.

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